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Welcome to the Aadhya's supermarket where you will get to buy anything that you want for your day to day life. The supermarket has lots of sections like a vegetable view, dustbin view, storeroom view, weight view, stair view and many others. Let's start with the cleaning view. In this view, you have to clean to store before the customer comes to purchasing the items. Put all the garbage into the appropriate dustbin. In the storeroom section, put all the items at the right place so it would be easy to find it anytime. After completion of purchasing items let's weight all the items and scan them. After that go to the basement and put your items in your car. Play and enjoy this Supermarket game and don't forget to share it with your best friends.


- Understand all the process of supermarket and have fun
- Take shopping cart
- Control the stairs
- Count the bill 
- Easy to play


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