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Welcome to the Aadhya's restaurant! Play this cooking kids game and learn to prepare various delicious food dishes!! So, without wasting any time letís start! Oh! Some customers have come to the Aadhya's restaurant and you need to help Aadhya to make all the food items which customers have ordered. The food items which you need to make are a barbecue, coco-cookie, spring roll, chicken soup, beef, coconut balls and much more delicious things. Help baby Aadhya to prepare all these food dishes and also learn how to make it while you are helping. So, spend some quality time with baby Aadhya and enjoy the process of cooking many, unique and delicious food dishes.


- Unique recipes

- Learn to prepare various food items

- Serve the hungry customers

- Eye-catching design

- Extraordinary graphics

Play and Enjoy this new concept of Aadhya game and share it with your best friends.


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