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Baby Aadhya is going to sleep and she needs to perform some fun activities before going to sleep. For that reason, she needs your help. If you want to help baby Aadhya then please perform all the bedtime activities with her. We all should brush our teeth before going to sleep so help baby Aadhya to brush her teeth. After then give her a refreshing bath and provide her toys. There is also a counting star task where you need to help Aadhya to calculate the stars, remember you will not be able to add anything other than stars. Aadhya loves to see the constellations in the sky so for that please draw a constellation and make her happy. Play some peaceful music while Aadhya is sleeping and help her to get better sleep. And at the end don't forget to give Aadhya good night kisses.


- Wash Aadhya's hands before taking dinner
- Feed Aadhay delicious pizza
- Put all the things at correct place
- Help Aadhya to find her lost teddy bear
- Dress Aadhya up in a night suit
- Complete the puzzle.


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